November 17, 2016
franck blau
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GENTEL Home Health Care will provide you with an individual personal approach through personable, friendly, high trained and motivated nurses.Now you may not need to move away from home to receive care, as professional hospital care can be provided at your home, meanwhile there is no worry about your health follow up after discharge from hospital cause you can complete your medication at home.

Our Mission:Improve health care services to satisfy everyone’s needs all over UAE, Mideast and worldwide.

Our Values:

Client is first: These operating values are our core principles. They guide the behaviour and choices of all staff, Nurses, and the board of directors to offer better health care services to our patients.

Team work: all the staff members are part of great one team

Integrity:  at Gentel Home Health Care we believe that success comes and goes, but the integrity of our work creates stability and increases success.

Responsibility and Commitment: Gentel home Health care success-based approach believes that each person has the responsibility to achieve their goals and commit oneself to hard work.

System Improvement: We believe that every system is perfectly designed to achieve the results it gets, and only through continuous improvement of systems will we make a difference in the quality of health care the world over. The good results of our patients shall define our success.

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